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Everlaw List of Sub-Processors

Last Updated: March 7, 2023

To support the delivery of the Site and Service (*e.g.* infrastructure services, customer support, and communication services), Everlaw may provide limited access to Customer Data to the following Sub-processors. Any terms used in this Everlaw List of Sub-processors and not defined will have the meanings given to them in the Privacy Notice.

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Entity Name 


Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider

Other Sub-processors who support delivery of the Service

Entity Name 


Google LLC

Cloud Service Provider, including translation

Zendesk, Inc.

Cloud-based Customer Support

MaestroQA Inc.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Catalyst Software Corporation

Customer Relationship Management

Everlaw Affiliates

Entity Name 


Everlaw, Inc. (US-based entity)

Providing the Service, together with support services

Everlaw UK Ltd. (UK-based entity)

Support services for the Service

Security, endpoint detection, and response tools

We do not disclose these Sub-processors on our website, but Customers may request a list by emailing